Confidence Coaching Programmes

Our confidence coaching programmes will help you to establish confidence, change your mindset and amplify your life.

I'm on a mission...

To establish your self-confidence, self-awareness and personal development and all of my personalised programmes are underpinned by this one key concept: establishing confidence. This includes confidence in the workplace or leading a confident fulfilling life.

Many people let career setbacks and fear hold them back from unlocking their true potential in both professional and personal life. This fear can cause a downward spiral in life and you may experience heightened anxiety and stress.

My coaching sessions are for those people who are go-getters and committed to lasting change. People who can see how much their lives would be improved if they could overcome the self-doubts that hold them back in their personal life and career. You will walk away with the tools, methods and strategies to truly transform and lead a successful life. 

Angie Mcquillin confidence coaching programmes

Coaching Programmes

Confidence Building Bootcamp

Are you holding yourself back from accepting new opportunities? Have you recently turned down a role due to a lack of confidence? Do you overthink and stress way too much and often assume others are better than you and/or judging you? With the Confidence Building Bootcamp, you will overcome your fears that are holding you back and discover and learn a newly discovered positive energy and confidence.

Lead With Confidence

Are you a leader who avoids uncomfortable conversations? Do you find it hard sometimes to simply say no? Do you struggle to admit you’re feeling the pressure? Does each day feel like a fire fight and you feel exhausted from the relentless hours? Do you feel you’re not always taken seriously by your peers? Do you feel you lack influence and impact when you speak? The Lead with Confidence programme is for leaders that need a positive shift in the way they lead or a boost in their confidence. You will learn how to improve your leadership, self-awareness and self-development to take your leadership style to new heights.

1-2-1 Programme

Are you an ambitious professional who would like to capitalise on their true potential to create lives and careers they love and can be proud of? This 1-2-1 bespoke programme may be for you. It will have a profound impact on your personal and professional lives.

The proof is in the pudding

“Angie’s style is exactly what I needed; supportive, results focussed, and gently but consistently challenging. The impact on both my personal and professional life was immediately noticeable.”
C Hunter, Bath UK

“Angie is really clear and wasn’t afraid to challenge my ways of thinking whilst allowing me the space to arrive at resolutions myself.”

N. Embleton, Portishead UK

“Through Angie’s exploratory work I’ve realised I sacrifice too much of myself and end up burnt out and therefore not being able to be kind to myself or to others”

C. Stewart, Bath UK

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