Confidence Building Bootcamp

Amplify your life and build your confidence with this 8-week Bootcamp. 

What is the programme about?

This is a very distinct, hard-hitting confidence boosting programme that will provide you with useful content that can be applied not only in the 8 weeks but for the rest of your life. 

By applying the tools, methods and strategies shared in this Bootcamp, you will be provided with formulas to springboard your life to a higher level of confidence and fulfilment.

Woman in need of confidence building bootcamp

The Confidence Building Bootcamp is for you if?

  • You let lack of confidence hold you from opportunities.
  • You think you’re not good enough.
  • You let fear trigger negative thoughts.
  • You fear speaking in public.
  • You worry about speaking up in a meeting.

The Confidence Building Bootcamp includes:

  • 8 x 90 minute weekly live coaching calls with Angie McQuillin- Confidence & Career Success Coach.
  • Bi-weekly modules on confidence-boosting topics.
  • Additional library of content available if needed.
  • Exclusive community support group – where you can drop in questions and receive support from Angie and exclusive group members.
Angie Mcquillin confidence building bootcamp
Angie Mcquillin confidence building bootcamp

You will cover:

  • The values of honesty and bravery that will support your transformation of confidence.
  • What your values are and how to live by them.
  • Understanding your boundaries and being assertive.
  • How to overcome people-pleasing and behaviours that damage confidence.
  • How to manage your anxiety, build resilience and beat the spiral of negative thinking.

Interested? Download the Confidence Building Bootcamp Programme guide today.

Angie Mcquillin confidence building bootcamp

    See what happy clients have to say

    "I had not anticipated the impact this bootcamp would have on me. I have followed Angie for a while and loved her posts, but this bootcamp has blown the lid off the way I see things. Angie is a no nonsense, knowledgeable and authentic coach. She lives it...and brings her own personal experiences that make her so relatable. Aside from the taught modules, I have found it incredibly life affirming to share this with a bunch of other like minded people who all have similar stories to share and have been incredibly supportive throughout the weeks we have been doing this together."
    Caroline Murray
    Founder & Director
    "Angie is hands down, a one in a million coach, and her passion, enthusiasm and openness is inspiring. She is consistently kind and supportive in her approach but she's not afraid to take you out of your comfort zone to get you where you want to go! Her professionalism and personal integrity shines through in her approach to her coaching practice, which is underpinned by an extensive knowledge and compassionate understanding of the human condition."
    Caroline Newton
    Global Sales & Marketing Director
    "Angie is one of a kind. A highly consummate professional with an original approach to training, and an outstanding coach in performance and leadership. I’d highly recommend Angie to anyone who wants to work with the best."
    Nikki Larkin
    Managing Director

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