Lead With Confidence

Invest in yourself and improve your leadership with this 12-week programme.

What is the programme about?

This is a focused, distinctive programme designed to improve your leadership, self-awareness and self-development. 

By using the tools, methods and strategies shared in this programme you will be armed to take your leadership to a new level, which in turn will provide you with a heightened sense of fulfilment and self-confidence. 

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The Lead With Confidence Programme is for you if?

  • You avoid uncomfortable conversations.
  • You find it hard sometimes to simply say no.
  • You don’t have clarity around your own boundaries.
  • You worry a lot about what other people think of you.
  • You worry about saying the ‘wrong’ thing in a senior meeting.
  • You feel at risk of reaching burnout because you take on too much.

The Lead With Confidence Programme includes:

  • 12 weeks of leadership coaching and video content.
  • Weekly live coaching calls per week.
  • Replay calls are available.
  • Weekly modules on leadership topics.
  • Exclusive leadership participants.
  • Leadership group community support.
  • A library of additional confidence boosting content is also available.
  • Over 40 videos of content on topics specific to leadership and self-development.
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You will cover:

  • Understand boundaries and be effectively assertive.
  • How to manage conflict and passive aggression.
  • Deep dive into your values as a whole.
  • Understand bravery in a deeper way.
  • Dealing with rejection at all levels of leadership.
  • Addressing perfectionism and procrastination
  • Ridding yourself of unhelpful measurements of success.
  • How people-pleasing damages people’s self-confidence.

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Angie Mcquillin Lead with confidence

    See what happy clients have to say

    "I always struggled to manage upwards which left many of my views unheard with the Senior Leadership Team. Having completed Angie's leadership programme I am now holding conversations and sharing opinions about things I never dreamt of before. It's liberating and I feel less stressed - best of all I've gained more respect with the SLT as a consequence."
    J.Kelm- Director
    "I had the classic successful career, lovely home, lovely wife and 2.4 children - so didn't understand why I felt so stressed and unfulfilled. Angie's programme gave me more than I expected but most of all by understanding myself more - I've found me again. I'm no longer a grumpy leader and my family is enjoying the new me too."
    M.Fisher - Head of Operations
    "I was always such a perfectionist that each time anything went wrong I'd beat myself up and worry about what everybody else thought. The leadership course taught me to be more self-aware and how these behaviours were actually hindering my leadership development. These days I'm a more effective leader, life is less stressful and I'm much happier."
    K.Donnely - Head of Sales

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