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"It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become."

-Dr. Suess

Angie Mcquillin confidence building bootcamp
Angie Mcquillin

"Angie is Top Notch! She gets it as she has been there. Not just a bunch of stuff you can read in a book and then don’t quite know what to do with it. Her experiences in the corporate environment as an employee, as Human Resources and in people development make all that she shares grounded, relevant and executable. Her sessions are well organized, plain spoken, build from the beginning and set up tangible outcomes. We are ‘never in it alone’ and leveraging the group dynamic further reinforces the navigation of a path forward. Absolutely a benefit to have taken part."

Scott Lindahl

"Angie McQuillin is a first class coach with a highly infectious positive energy and drive about her. Angie's bootcamp course made such a difference to not only my professional life, but my personal life too! This lady is the "Real Deal" and can definitely make a positive difference to your life with her great knowledge, superb mentoring and fun personality."
Peter Rickard
Ops Manager, Bournemouth Airport
"I worked with Angie on Executive coaching and leadership development. I found our sessions thought provoking, insightful and of massive benefiting when analysing past/present behaviour. Angie has the ability of asking the right questions at the right time and I enjoyed the sessions we had. Angie is a coach at the top of her game and I would thoroughly recommend her."
Raj Taheem
EMEA Director, Strategic Cloud Pursuits
"Angie delivers a bootcamp that exercises your brain into learning new neural pathways to develop a confident way of thinking & behaving. A superbly collated set of units delivered with passion & engagement. An authentic coach who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. A profound programme that will change your life & equip you with the tools to continue to develop your confidence throughout your life."
Ange Heyes
Head Teacher

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"Angie is a great coach that intuitively guides (and challenges you) highlighting key areas of development. What I found refreshing was her openness and honesty making the sessions not only informative but also enjoyable. She is clearly passionate about what she does. Highly recommended."
Alan Singhavara
Head of Sales, PatSnap
"I needed clarity and needed to off load. Business was good, life was good, but I felt foggy and stuck in some areas of my life. It didn't take long to realise that I made the right choice in coach. Angie asks the questions you wont always want to answer but they are always the ones you need and necessary for your growth. She is a straight talker and holds you accountable. My focus one year later is unbelievably clear largely down to the work we did on my core values and beliefs."
Matt Giggs
Founder & Managing Director, Giggs Group
"Working with Angie was the best investment I’ve ever made. At first I was nervous, but after the initial consultation I knew I just had to do it. I just finished a 10 session 1-2-1 programme with Angie before Christmas and as a consequence I feel I found myself again after quite some years. Angie’s given my the tools to help me live my life in tune with my values and I feel happier and more confident as a consequence. I’d thoroughly recommend working with Angie. "
Graham Burr
Head of Procurement at Aaqua
"I, can whole heartedly recommend you try the bootcamp for confidence. Providing you are up for a challenge and are prepared to move out of your comfort zone, this course was will work wonders and was great for me. I had many light bulb moments about my own insecurities and welcomed the practical guides and exercises in building confidence and living by your values. Happy to recommend Angie and this course, well worth the investment, go for it !!"
Steve Paterson
Equity Release Specialist
"We hired Angie for a full day of training with the whole team and I can confidently say it was a great investment. The day was broken up into engaging segments and the whole team walked away with tangible and practical tools that they can use in both their professional and personal lives. Many thanks Angie."
Tobi Alli-Usman
Founder & Managing Director, Smooth Digital
"Angie was able to strip back quite complex situations into some really very straight forward thinking practices. Still today, nearly 6 months on, I find myself to referring to the notes that I made during those sessions and adopting those guiding principles that were shared - and indeed sharing those practices with others."
Ben Taylor
Product Owner at Inspired Thinking Group
"Angie was a fantastic help in the transition into my new role during what was a challenging period. With many people working from home because of the COVID pandemic Angie helped me adapt my leadership techniques for this unique situation. She is a highly competent coach and instructor that comes with my personal recommendation."
Ryan Dermody
President at Norcan Petroleum Group

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